Eucalyptus oil workshop

Eucalyptus oil workshop---New self controlled falling film fractionated

The eucalyptus oil is the largest China exports products of natural essential oils,which for medicinal, have antiseptic function, are widely used for dentifrices, detergent, soap, chewing gum, cough and other essences, two aspects of both aroma and health utility.the plant has an average annual output of about 2000 tons full load design, production of 4000 tons.


The evaporation method adopted the falling film evaporation to achieve the real meaning of membrane evaporation. The components can be cleanly separated. The evaporation temperature is reduced by 20 degrees -30 degrees, which means that the energy consumption of the same production is reduced by 45%.


The side effects are reduced, and the quality of the products is improved, and non-pollution.


Now let me show you the most advanced eucalyptus oil production line of Southwest.

The new production equipment and production process are approved by the EU GMP.

Production workshop

Yunnan emerald essence Ltd formerly Yunnan products group of spices section, Since 70s, it has been concentrating on the production of natural spices and has a few decades of experience in producing eucalyptus oil. The new factory was built and put into operation in 2006. The factory is located in the Yang Lin national economic and Technological Development Zone on the outskirts of Kunming. Its environment is beautiful, location is superior, and its traffic is convenient. It is adjacent to many highways and railways, and it is 20km from Kunming Changshui International Airport to company.

The new factory has beautiful environment, the factory building is in an orderly manner, and the production facilities of eucalyptus oil are well equipped. Currently, the most advanced production equipment, workshop and equipment are all built according to the EU GMP standard.

Fractionation tower

The fractionating tower is the core equipment for the production of eucalyptus oil, which is like the heart of people.

If you have a good desire for work, you must first benefit it. It is not difficult to produce qualified products, but in order to produce high quality eucalyptus oil, more advanced fractionation equipment must be made. This production line is in the leading level in the domestic industry.

Central control

Advanced productivity is often the representation of efficiency and quality. Production technology is changing rapidly, improving production efficiency, ensuring product quality, minimizing human errors and liberating workers' hands.

The company introduced the advanced DCS distributed control system in China, operated and monitored the equipment through the microcomputer system of the central control room. The system has been upgraded many times, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Storage tanks

The eucalyptus oil workshop has a serveral of storage tanks,which scientific distribution, storage, and workshop temperature and humidity are be monitoring, ensure the stable and suitable storage environment..

Clean packaging workshop

One hundred thousand level clean room, to eliminate the product packaging process of pollution and mixed.

Finished product storehouse

The products to be packed will be stored in the finished product storehouse. The finished product storehouse is clean and tidy and the temperature is suitable. There are temperature, humidity and gas alarm monitoring devices in the library.

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