Eucalyptol workshop

Eucalyptol workshop

We are the industry leader: cineole is Yunnan emerald important product,with the European GMP certification,production and product accordance with pharmaceutical standards. Our products can satisfy them, including but not limited to: Firmenich, the Swiss Firmenich international spice company IFF, Germany Frey+Lau Ferrer work...... I believe you can also be satisfied!

Decades of production experience of Eucalyptol.


First-class facilities and equipment.


Automation production workshop.


One hundred thousand level dust free workshop and packaging workshop.


Advanced automatic control system, closely monitoring the production process.

High-quality production personnel, with a number of employees for more than 20 years of engineers.


Strict testing standards, miscibility, optical rotation, gas chromatography, microorganism, pesticide residues, heavy metals...


Efficient and safe transportation process.


Sincere after sales and technical support.

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Safety and reassurance

EucalyptOL is one of the most important spices in the world. It is a deep processed product of eucalyptus oil, and is an important single spice. Its unique aroma and anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects make it widely used in medicine, food and daily hygiene products.

High standard

The composition of cineole and other components HAVE the similar physicochemical properties, when cineole increased to more than 99.5%, the traditional separation methods is only small production, once qualified rate and yield are lower, will need two times to get the fractionation qualified products, it's high cost.

Advanced production process and equipment

The company adopts new technology and equipment to construction of the production line, and achieved a higher yield under the condition of low energy consumption, the company annual production of high-quality cineole products 300 tons, full load design production capacity of 600 tons, becoming the domestic industry's largest production enterprise.

High quality products

A large low temperature cold storage is used to concentrate direct deep cold, and the product of Eucalyptus with purity of more than 99.5% is obtained at one time.

Conserve energy,reduce emissions

The cryogenic time is reduced by 50%, energy saving is about 50%, and the process is short, the operation is simple and the yield of the product is high. There is no waste in the whole process of production, and the material invested is fully utilized, and the production cost of the product is highly competitive.

We intention_set your mind at rest

We know the importance of safety to drugs, and if we can, we are willing to use the safest products exchange your sincerity.

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