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Yunnan emerald essence Ltd in November 2006 began construction Yunnan spices characteristic scale and standardization production base in Yang Lin Development Zone , put into operation in October 2007.


Five production lines with advantages of resources and quantity in Yunnan have been built which have new technology, new technology and new equipment.


A large number of advanced technology, new equipment and new materials are used in these production lines. Compared with traditional production technology and traditional equipment, the production lines have a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change, and processing productivity has increased exponentially.


The quality and benefit of the product have been greatly improved, and the energy consumption is reduced.

Advanced factory facilities, high quality workers, scientific management, to ensure high quality products.

Use advanced technology

Now our company aims at promoting technological progress in spice production, ensuring product quality as our responsibility, improving our independent R & D innovation system, actively setting up our own brand image, and taking technological innovation as a breakthrough.

Making advanced production process

Speed up the process of product quality standard, process, test control system, standardized management, independent research and development process and new technology promotion and application process.

Improving quality management

We should standardize the technical means of product detection, monitoring and analysis, improve the quality of products, and improve the technology guarantee system for the production of perfume.

Firming foundation

Has established a production base of Yunnan flavor spices.

Domestic advanced level production line

The company has five advanced spice processing lines in the province. It is the production line of eucalyptus oil workshop, the production line of eucalyptol, the production line of the citronella oil workshop, the production line of the geranium oil workshop and the extraction production line of the plant.

Keep advancing, searching and creatin

Yunnan emerald essence Ltd inherited decades of spices production and sales experience, combined with modern advanced production technology, the use of advanced production equipment, to production of high quality products.

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