Citronella oil workshop

Citronella oil workshop

Citronella oil is one of the oldest essential oil production in Yunnan emerald, decades of attention so that we have a rich experience in production, product testing technology, quality standard.


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Citronella oil is a staple of natural spices, spices for flavor or fragrance as direct products, widely used in laundry soap, detergent, detergents and pesticides etc., The traditional processing method is to dehydrate crude oil, filter impurities and pack it for sale, so as to solve the problem of low content of citronella and citronella alcohol in citronella oil in winter and spring season, and can not reach international standard. To improve the comprehensive utilization rate of citronella oil resources, the company has built a new processing technology of citronella oil scale production line, improve the oil processing and product quality.

At present, the company produces about 300 tons of citronella oil every year. according to the needs of customers and market, the products of citronella and citronella can be isolated by fractionation, and the products have been diversified.

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