R & D Center

R & D Center

With the rapid progress of science and technology, R & D is to inject fresh blood into the enterprise, the facilities and equipment of the R & D center are well equipped, and the company is equipped with sufficient staffs to take the first line of the development of new products and technologies.

The first subcritical extraction of natural spice equipment was introduced in China.


Complete the fast fermentation process of iris, iris extract clotted water distillation process.


A subcritical extraction experiment was made for iris, angelica, black pepper, white pepper, cloud wood, tree flower, rosemary and so on.


The R & D department has participated in more than ten projects (equipment) construction. It has built a R & D center with an area of 300 square meters.


Participated in a number of research projects. For example:

  • "Yunnan traditional medicine new technology extraction of precious fragrance industrialization","Iris clotted demonstration project","Industrial development of edible high pure fragrant leaf oil"
  • "Near critical CO2 extraction of natural products", "eucalyptus oil fractionator tail gas recovery and reuse project", and other projects.

Invention patent application: "steam distillation equipment with dual functions of extraction and separation", "sub critical fluid cryogenic extraction equipment, the front-end oil cell wall breaking technology for spices". A method and equipment for a near critical CO2 extraction of pure oil from tree and moss, and a utility model, "a device for extracting pure oil from tree fur with near critical CO2".


With the doctor of Microbiology of Yunnan University, a substantive cooperative relationship has been established in the research of iris, tree flower and incense.


a new process of oil purification, a new process of cold flower distillation, and a technology for extraction of incense were studied.


The technical cooperation relationship has been established with the Kunming University of Science and Technology.

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