Herbal extraction workshop

Herbal extraction workshop

Forge ahead, develop and innovate. Yunnan emerald stick eucalyptus oil (pigment), Geranium oil, citronella oil, wintergreen oil and so on as a basic, at same time a positive research on the new technology and new product development, product scale and diversification are be done. In 2014 the company heavily from France introduced plants extraction production line, which is the largest in Yunnan, rose tree moss, iris processing workshop and put into production, The production of rose essential oil, rose net oil has been supplied to many domestic and international spice companies.

Decades of production experience of Eucalyptus oil.


First-class facilities and equipment.


Automation production workshop.


One hundred thousand level dust free workshop and packaging workshop.


Advanced automatic control system, closely monitoring the production process.

High-quality production personnel, with a number of employees for more than 20 years of engineers.


Strict testing standards, miscibility, optical rotation, gas chromatography, microorganism, pesticide residues, heavy metals...


Efficient and safe transportation process.


Sincere after sales and technical support.

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Focus on plant extraction

It is at the stage of development and has great potential for development.

Resource advantage

Yunnan is the kingdom of plants. There are many valuable spices and medicinal plants for extraction, such as angelica, iris, tree flower, rose and so on, which have the advantages of resources and industry.

The scale of rose planting

With the large area of rose grown in Yunnan,which as the most potential varieties of natural spices in Yunnan, the scale of products can improve the benefits of companies and farmers.

Advanced imported equipment

In 2014, the company built a new planting workshop and introduced 3 sets of French equipment. Put into production in the same year.

High efficiency and precision equipment

It has the advantages of good sealing, advanced technology and high extraction rate. It can produce 1000 tons of rose throughout the year, produce 200 kilograms of rose essential oil, 10 tons of tree moss extract products, and 1 tons of tree moss oil products.

Step into the pace of product diversification

Plant extraction workshop is the basis of our product diversification, which will enrich our product line and enhance our competitiveness.

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