Product traceability

Product traceability
About product traceability

Yunnan emerald has established a complete product traceability system and regulation, starting from the raw material harvest, storage of raw materials processed and finished products, finished product transportation and a series of process and filling activity has a perfect location and on the record.
At present, the company is actively developing a highly efficient qr code tracing system.
In recent years, the government has introduced policies and measures, and gradually promote agricultural information service technology development.
We have developed a series of safety tracing production management system by using the technology of qr code technology and RFID. It has opened up a credible path for consumers to understand food and drug production, solve the problem of information asymmetry and opacity of supply and demand, and eesure the product security.

Product traceability

Product traceability can enhance the quality management of enterprises, reduce the production of nonconforming products, and ensure the safety of products.


  Its effects include but are not limited to:


1.To track the flow of raw materials and products


2.To minimize the counterfeiting risk


3.The distribution dynamic management


4.Shorten product circulation cycle


5.Accurate recall of products





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